styles of yoga

Although there are many, many styles of yoga, here are descriptions of a few of our favorite styles. Most of the classes we teach on our yoga adventures are Hatha/Vinyasa based, but sometimes we like to thrown in a little variety :)


Hatha yoga is not a specific style of yoga, but rather a term for all physical yoga practices. When a session is advertised as Hatha yoga, it is usually a slower paced class geared towards beginners and focusing on learning the postures and sequences.


Vinyasa, meaning "flow", refers to classes which focus on sustaining a high level of energy through a series of fluid transitions between poses, set to music. Linking movement and breath, this fun, fast paced style of yoga is typically geared towards students who are familiar with the fundamental postures of yoga.


Yin yoga is a restorative type of yoga, a far slower and more meditative practice. Focusing on a few poses, either in a lying or sitting position, that are held for several minutes at a time. This physical stillness helps the focus to be directed inward, thus a very calming practrice.  Yin engages connective tissues, resulting in  increased flexibility and circulation to the joints.


Kundalini is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. Classes include intense breathing exercises, chanting, meditation, and Hatha yoga poses. Kundalini yoga focuses control over both the mind and body, aiming to overcome emotional/mental limitations and harnessing untapped energy. 


Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for expectant mothers and their everchanging bodies during pregnancy. Classes focus on maintaining strength and flexibility, also on nurturing the beautiful bond between baby and momma.