We have some exciting news.......


We are so excited to announce....

...that Nomad Yoga Warriors has joined forces with Mushin Ryu Aikido Dojo of Woodstown, NJ! Giacomo Reggente, chief instructor/sensei and owner of Mushin Ryu Aikido Dojo had a vision that if he brought yoga and meditation into his dojo, it would be the key to his students fine tuning their Aikido practice and turning it into the true art that it is.  Upon our first meeting with Giacomo, we knew we had found a kindred spirit and home for Nomad Yoga Warriors to teach from on a regular basis (and for when teaching outside is not an option).

Check out all of Giacomo's amazing offerings at Mushin Ryu Aikido Dojo. GRAND OPENING- JULY 1ST!

Emily & Suzi will now be offering yoga and meditation classes 5 times a week at the dojo.  Click on the link to check our class schedule. See you at the Dojo!

welcome to nomad yoga warriors


Nomad Yoga Warriors (NYW) is calling all yogis and nature lovers....Our goal is to bring yoga outdoors, embracing the elements of the earth ... the healing powers of nature....allowing space and time to disconnect from the chaotic pace that life has developed into over the past few decades... events may include some of the following activities ... yoga , hiking, meditation , breathing , forest bathing, sunshine soaking, soul sharing, mind calming, heart opening, thought provoking .... oh and FUN! We can’t forget the fun :)

Everyone has a warrior within, our mission at Nomad Yoga Warriors is to help everyone find their true North (their true self). Connecting you to nature through yoga, hiking, and meditations.  Join us as we guide you through local state parks and beaches. Check out our events page for this season's schedule. 

We’d like to add, that if you are interested in the mindfulness/outdoor/hiking portions of any of our events but not the physical Yoga practice , feel free to come and socialize in any way you’d like ..You are more then welcome to hike along with us and simply sit or lay and rest in nature, or explore on your own while the group yoga practice is going on. There is no one way to be a Warrior of peace and nature ..
We hope you and your friends will join us in our quest to bring nature into our lives and awareness into our nature .


Our western culture has great misconceptions of what “Yoga “ really is ...Many people think it to be a workout that involves getting into lots of strange body positions or follows a strict regiment...Some see it as an activity only calm, “peace&love “ people engage in, or think we need to have a certain body type or a certain amount of flexibility to do yoga ... In truth, it is quite the opposite... Yoga is not just a physical workout it is a “whole”istic practice ...it is much more about the inner state of being then outer appearance...You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga , you become more flexible with the practice of yoga... You don’t have to be calm or lean, or limber , or know how to sit in silence for hours ... Yoga  is not about perfect form or existing in absolute peace... Yoga can help bring these things into our lives but the truth of the matter is, yoga is much more about nurturing and caring for ourselves... It is about learning self compassion..It is about recognizing where we are out of balance in our lives and discovering tools and concepts that can help remedy these imbalances .

WHAT IF?????

What if instead of pushing ourselves beyond our limits, we created healthy boundaries and learned to respect our own inner knowing?

In today’s culture , we spend most of our time rushing , stressing, worrying , trying , fearing , analyzing and generally holding tension continuously ... we are rarely focused on only one thing at a time and usually those things are distracting us from what is really going on inside ... we have become so used to this state and pace of living that it doesn’t occur to us it might be unnecessarily harming us ... We live in a world of better..more...faster ..now ...we are shown images of what a perfect life looks like and then strive to achieve this at the cost of our own sanity and health ...How often do we cram our schedules with activities for fear of missing out and work ourselves into illnesses and dis-ease , just to become what we’ve been told is a success but is really just a facade ... What if the opposite were true.. what if we were taught that slowing down could be the key to less pain .. that being everywhere for everyone doesn’t make you a hero it just makes you exhausted and resentful ..what if we were taught that berating ourselves for our shortcomings won’t make us improve , it will keep us trapped in self sabotaging patterns ... what if we were encouraged to use compassion and gratitude instead of judgement ... so what if instead of pushing ourselves beyond our limits , we created healthy boundaries and learned to respect our own inner knowing?

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Our mission at Nomad Yoga Warriors is to introduce the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to everyone.

All yoga classes and monthly yoga/hiking events are straight from our hearts and solely on a donation basis. Help us share our passion and keep our mission alive; volunteer, be a guest teacher, or donate. Any donation is greatly appreciated and goes towards helping make future events possible.

Namaste & Thank you :) 

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